No One is a Unicorn!

How many of you look at peoples Instagram profiles and compare your bodies, hair and lifestyles to theirs? I'm guess quite a few of you?


Should I Tell My Boss I Have Anxiety?

My question is do I open up to my boss about my mental health so they can manage me better?

Let’s Talk ESAs

Let's talk about emotional support animals (ESAs); a companion animal that a medical professional has determined provides benefit for an individual with a disability.

Balance The Scales

Lat week I wrote a post called Metal Methods which included a section about balance. After a few years of trying to balance the scales I wanted to share my experience of doing so.

Medication + Me

It is crazy to me that even with the medical advances of today we still don't fully understand what anti-depressants do to our brain and yet so many people take them.

The Counselling Conundrum

A few people have asked me "what is counselling?" and "what happens in a session?". So I thought I would write about my experiences with counselling to answer the questions that some people might be afraid to ask.

The Cinnamon Club

Last week I visited The Cinnamon Club in Westminster, London. From the moment we arrived the service was impeccable - we were served wine and complimentary champagne within five minutes of sitting down.

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