No One is a Unicorn!

How many of you look at peoples Instagram profiles and compare your bodies, hair and lifestyles to theirs? I’m guess quite a few of you?

It is so easy to compare our lives with someone now thanks to social media. It is so hard not to compare your lives to others especially if someone is the same age as you and has what you want. But everyone is different and everyone experiences life differently.

But hey we are only human – it is difficult to see people out every weekend having fun if that’s what you want to be doing. It is difficult seeing people in relationships splashing it all over social media if that is what you want to be doing. But social media shows such a small proportion of peoples lives. Do you post about being sat at your desk, when you have a bad day or when you have a fight with someone? No, you probably don’t. So don’t think that those people posting about going out or love aren’t having sad times too. To be honest they are probably hungover, poor and getting fat.

You may have a really good body or a partner but you don’t have the confidence to go and see the world. You may have travelled the world but not have a great body. We often compare ourselves to others that have something we want. Like the image at the top of this post. The horse is an everyday animal but helped us win wars, travel and became a great companion. The unicorn is majestic, pretty and what a horse aspires to be…but they don’t actually exist. It is a mythical creature much like the persona that most people put up on social media…that’s got you thinking hasn’t it?

So maybe the next time you see a “unicorn” image on Instagram of someone in a happy relationship think that another part of their life is a “horse”. We all have a “unicorn” online persona but under it all we are all here just trying to live the short life we have on this earth in our own way.

Life shouldn’t be about competing with someone else. It should be about filling your life with things that fulfil you, not what looks good for the gram.

It is safe to say I learnt how to do life the hard way and I am still learning. I intend to share my experiences to hopefully help break the stigma surrounding mental health and help someone who feels alone.



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