Never Be Afraid

Last weekend I had a me day at home and didn’t leave the house once. To me, these days are vital for my mental health. They allow me to rest and calm my mind. One of the many films I watched was Girls Trip.

There is so many funny moments and I couldn’t recommend the film more! It’s on Sky Planner if anyone is interested. Anyway enough promo! At the end of the film there is a speech which may have changed my life!

I cried the whole way through this speech. It reminded me to stand up for myself and for what I truly believe in. It reminded me to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. But most importantly it reminded me to never be afraid. No one has the power to shatter you dreams unless you give them the power to do so.

I was reminded how far I have come since my break down and how strong I was to walk away from a toxic situation and relationship. During that relationship I did think that being disrespected was worse than being alone. I disconnected from the outside world as I didn’t want to face how bad my relationship was. I could see it on my friends faces.

You will have friends that you can’t pretend in front of – they see the real you. Friends like that are what keep your life real. Treasure them. They will help you grow when you take that first step.

After I left that relationship I found power in rediscovering my voice and who I was. I voice my power through this blog in a way and in my every day life. Never be afraid of being alone. Never accept being treated less than you deserve. And remember you can walk away from any situation you want and find a better one.

The aim of this blog is to lift the weight off mental health and make it easier for people to talk about. I hope that by sharing my experiences it will give others the confidence to do so too.

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