Getting Through The Day When You Hate Your Job

Let me start by saying if you really hate your job and you are looking for a long term career then get out. No job is worth long term suffering.

However, I do understand that sometimes you just need to stay in a job until the contract ends or you new jobs starts. This could be due to financial reasons or for it to look better on your CV. It is hard but I’ve come up with a few tricks to make the time easier;

Have an end date. Having an end date will give you a goal and something to work through.

Take each day as an achievement. Don’t think I have 11 weeks left. Think today is Wednesday and I am going to get through it.

Speak to HR. Speaking to HR is a safe was to voice why you are unhappy in your role. They may be able to alter things slightly to make your time more bearable. This could lead to working from home, flexible hours or more support from your manager.

Talk about your job. Let others know that you are struggling with work. Talking about your unhappiness can make dealing with it easier. If friends are aware they will also make more of an effort to check in on you or plan to do happy things with you.

Fill your life outside of work. This is the most important point. You should try to fill your life outside of work with activities. I know it is hard not to just want to get home and lie in bed but the more you do the better you will feel. In the mornings I walk my dog through the local village and grab a coffee. Every day after work I go to the gym. At least once a week I try and meet someone for coffee, dinner or go see a film. At the weekends I make sure I enjoy them as much as possible. I also try to include something to make me feel nice on the weekends; getting my nails or hair done or a cheeky sunbed. I also enjoy long gym sessions. Some weekends I will enjoy a whole day in my pjs if that is what will make me happy. Your life is more than work.

I spoke more about anxiety in the work place here.

The aim of this blog is to lift the weight off mental health and make it easier for people to talk about. I hope that by sharing my experiences it will give others the confidence to do so too.

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