How to Look After Your Mental Health at a Festival

Happy Mental Health Week! I think it is great that a week has been dedicated to speaking about mental health. However, we need to keep that conversation going throughout the year.

With festival season fast approaching I thought it would be a good time to discuss how to look after your mental health during a festival.

First off get excited festivals are the most amount of fun. I love seeing so many people I know, enjoy the weather (hopefully) and making the best of memories. I personally struggle with not allowing my excitement to turn into anxiety. After all the feelings of excitement, quick heart rate and buzzing does sometimes feel like anxiety. I try to remind myself this is a fun event to look forward to. I try and talk to friends about why I am worried and they quickly put my mind at rest and remind me not to over think.

Be prepared. I make sure I have everything organised a few weeks/days before a festival so I have no reason to get stressy and depressy. I plan my outfits, pack and organise logistics. Get the boring stuff out the way and then you can focus on enjoying the festival.

At the festival make sure you are never alone! Being left can be pretty scary and I personally hate it. Make sure you take a power bank so you aren’t left stranded without a phone.

Actually enjoy the festival! Sometimes I get so stressed about having a good time I forget to live in the moment, enjoy it and make memories. Just because you have anxiety, depression or any other mental health issue doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to be happy and enjoy yourself. Also accept that glitter is life and you can cover yourself in it!

Look after your basic needs eat, sleep and water! Not always easy I know but grab a quick nap in the sun or have a lay in. Eat some of the yummy food from the food stand – mac and cheese is a go to! Try and drink water at some point but equally level it out with a cocktail.

Take loads of photos so you can look back at the amazing memories you’ve made.

Finally, have something planned after the event so post-festival blues don’t you like a ton of bricks!

I plan to follow all of these steps at Bournemouth 7’s next weekend! I am very excited for it so if you are there come say hi.

The aim of this blog is to lift the weight off mental health and make it easier for people to talk about. I hope that by sharing my experiences it will give others the confidence to do so too.

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