Bali Belly, Beds and Boats

After a month in Bali I learnt so much! I thought I'd share it all to help others thinking of travelling the area. First of all if you aren't sure about Bali don't be. It's the most beautiful place I've been too, I never felt unsafe, 99.9% of the locals are lovely and I met... Continue Reading →

Never Be Afraid

Last weekend I had a me day at home and didn't leave the house once. To me, these days are vital for my mental health. They allow me to rest and calm my mind. One of the many films I watched was Girls Trip.

Let’s Get Lifting

The aim of my blog is to lift the weight off mental health and make it easier for people to talk about. I hope that by sharing my experiences it will give others the confidence to do so too. A few things have happened to me this week that have really blown me away.

Who You Gonna Call?

After the last few weeks of writing about what anxiety and depression are I thought I would write about what to do if you suffer with anxiety and/or depression.

What is Anxiety?

Let me start by saying that everyone experiences anxiety differently. But in a recently Instagram poll I did you said you wanted to learn more about my experience so here goes...

Let’s Talk ESAs

Let's talk about emotional support animals (ESAs); a companion animal that a medical professional has determined provides benefit for an individual with a disability.

Balance The Scales

Lat week I wrote a post called Metal Methods which included a section about balance. After a few years of trying to balance the scales I wanted to share my experience of doing so.

Medication + Me

It is crazy to me that even with the medical advances of today we still don't fully understand what anti-depressants do to our brain and yet so many people take them.

The Counselling Conundrum

A few people have asked me "what is counselling?" and "what happens in a session?". So I thought I would write about my experiences with counselling to answer the questions that some people might be afraid to ask.

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